Daniel Goff designs and creates truly unique and exceptional quality deeply carved and illuminated art glass.

Each bespoke piece is meticulously hand-crafted from initial custom-drawn designs to precision hand-cutting of the abrasive resist. Exclusive abrasive blasting techniques are used to finely carve the glass layer by layer until the elaborate deep relief sculpture is achieved.

Crystal clear, low iron glass is used and concealed edge lighting is perfectly positioned in order to intensify and elegantly enhance the exquisite contours of the finished sculpted design.

Daniel first perfected the art of sandcarving whilst working as a monumental stonemason and letter-carver. Several years of specialising in ornamental sandblasting of polished granite enabled Daniel to refine the techniques used to create both deep-carved and delicately shaded designs.

Daniel continued to develop and further refine these techniques to apply the process to the sandcarving of glass, which with the edge illumination produces truly stunning results.